We exist to honor God in creating wealth for our team members and partners.

Our publications are written by the residents of our communities and are all about their families, kids, vacations, hobbies and personal stories helping neighbors get to know neighbors better. It is probably not surprising that so many people don't know who has lived three doors down for the past five years. We are knocking those walls down and opening the door for word of mouth to flourish and great business recommendations to follow. Not unlike a hybrid print version of Facebook and Nextdoor. 

  • Hyper-targeted, affluent audience
  • Typically hard to reach demographic
  • Stories written by and for our residents lets us completely bypass the trash can
  • Publications anticipated each month

What Our clients and residents have to say.

I just finished reading "Between the Greens" and wanted to say I enjoyed it thoroughly; concise articles, informative, colorful and constructive. I also like holding paper in my hands!
Scott Sylvester, WGV resident
I do have to tell you that I enjoy reading your publication. It is so different and unique and that captured my attention. In the world we live in today, it is nice to take a break to read positive and interesting stories that create a sense of connection among neighbors! Thanks for all that you do!
Kelly Shor-O'Dell - King & Bear resident
Thank you for all that you do to bring businesses and community together. We really appreciate you.
Mindy Milton - Mindy’s Massage and Wellness (advertiser)

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