Starrina "Starr" Paul

Office Manager/Client Concierge

Growing up I was the only girl in my household. This led me to be very creative from hosting fashions shows, tea parties to starring in my own home made movies. I had no idea this friendly talkative girl would grow into such a successful business woman with the gift of gab for sure. I have always been sociable and very resourceful, so when someone needs any type of information they would come to me first being that I am always researching and making connections. I am so honored to be a part of a great team where we connect our clients to their most ideal customers. I had no idea relocating from up north to the south, with my husband and three boys, would be where I’d find my southern charm and take me further in my career.


"Those who have the ability to be grateful are the ones who have the ability to achieve greatness." - Steve Maraboli


I'm very crafty and usually have a project for my boys each holiday/season change. I love cheese and coffee, though not together, my favorite place to find peace is always at the beach!

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