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Businesses throw away a tremendous amount of money on marketing that doesn't work. Generation Media helps businesses reach the residents of some of the most affluent communities in the area in a way no other form of advertising possibly can. By leveraging high quality peer-to-peer publications, neighborhood-specific ads, social media engagement, digital marketing, and regular social events; our clients become the top-of-mind businesses to our communities and reap the benefits of word-of-mouth that come only from relationships built on trust.


Eyes On Your Business

We help businesses reach hyper-targeted, affluent customers by leveraging the synergy of print advertising, social media marketing and live events.

Build Trust

Everyone has a story to tell. We help businesses tell their story and invite their customers into it and, by doing so, build trust in their brand and the people behind it.

Word of Mouth

There are two kinds of word-of-mouth, the kind you want and the kind you don't. The good kind comes only from a connection built on trust. We help our clients foster that trust.

The Beauty of Synergy

The things we do, we do very well. But, the magic is in the synergy created by combining them. Print, social and live events. A unique and powerful cocktail.
Generation Media is the only marketing company we have found to combine print, social media AND awesome events to help us grow our business with locals of the area. It's a different approach and has really served us well. Rather than just having an ad in a magazine, we're able to participate in a dynamic program giving us much more influence over our results and ROI. We love working with the team at Generation Media, it's really like being a part of a family.

Alayna Brewer

Owner - Southern Vibes Wine Cellar and Tasting Room


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